Transition Support Services

Available Cape York, Palm Island and at various partner boarding schools in Queensland.

Transition Support Services (TSS) helps Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from remote communities on Cape York and Palm Island who have to leave home to complete secondary schooling.

The TSS specifically helps students to gain and take up placement at boarding school, and to complete the secondary phase of schooling, providing 3 distinct services.

Primary into secondary school transition support

TSS assists upper primary school aged students (Years 5–7) and their families from remote communities in Cape York and Palm Island to gain and take up placements at secondary boarding schools throughout Queensland by enabling primary school students and families to:
  • develop and enact transition plans that support the selection of appropriate or ‘best-fit’ pathways for each student
  • apply to and gain placement at boarding school
  • apply to and gain additional support or entitlements from providers such as Centrelink, and or bursary or scholarship providers
  • prepare for the transfer to boarding school and to take up placement at boarding school at the start of the secondary phase of schooling.

Secondary school transition support

TSS assists secondary school aged students and their families from Cape York and Palm Island to attend, engage and achieve at over 30 partner boarding schools throughout Queensland.

TSS employs Transition Support Teachers and Officers to work with students at their boarding schools and with staff and families to enable:

  • students to orientate to new learning and living environments, to manage transition related challenges, to engage with academic and community life, to take up opportunities for growth and development and to maintain connection and contact with kin and country
  • parents/carers and families to support their child/ren to live away from home, to engage with secondary schooling and to manage transition related challenges
  • staff at boarding schools and residential facilities to support them to work with students and families from Cape York and Palm Island as individuals and in ways that enable students and families to achieve their aspirations.

Re-engagement support

TSS assists young people who become disconnected or de-enrolled from boarding school pathways and who return to their home communities, to re-engage with a schooling, training or employment pathway.

TSS works in collaboration with many remote service providers to assist young people and their families to develop and enact a re-engagement action plan.

For more information contact the Transition Support team​.


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​Students who graduate from remote primary schools on Cape York, the Northern Peninsula Area and the Torres Strait often have to leave their home communities to attend secondary school.

The TSS helps students and their families overcome transition challenges and develop opportunities that enable students to remain enrolled at school.

Last updated
23 March 2018