Classroom ethos

This action area discusses planning considerations, and gives an overview of the 10 perspectives to guide planning for Embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Perspectives in Schools (EATSIPS).

The 10 perspectives are:

  • planning curriculum materials for EATSIPS
  • classroom accountabilities
  • organisational environment
  • assessment and reporting
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge framework
  • students and their community
  • strong community partnerships
  • language and language use
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander protocols
  • critical analysis and review of all texts.
See specific planning strategies in each of these categories for practical help in embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives in all classrooms and for aligning these to the Australian Curriculum.
      diagram showing cycle of curriculum intent, pedagogy, assessment and reporting in a student-centric approach.

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With the student shown at the centre of the process, the workflow diagram poses the following questions for the teacher who is embedding perspectives in the classroom:

Curriculum intent—what do we want students to learn?

Pedagogy—how will we teach it so all students will learn it?

Assessment—how will they show what they know? How will we find out if they've learned what we want them to learn?

Reporting—how do we communicate what they have learned and how well they have learned it?

Last updated
12 May 2015