Framework benefits

The framework for Embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Perspectives in Schools (EATSIPS) helps students to be stronger and smarter in their journey through lifelong learning.
It improves learning for all students and delivers benefits to the whole school and community.
As school leaders and teachers you will benefit by gaining increased cultural competence, including the capacity to interact effectively with people from other cultures. You will have opportunities to provide new representations and challenge:
  • dominant viewpoints
  • media representations
  • negative stereotypes
  • racism.

The EATSIPS framework benefits students because it helps:

  • enhance a strong sense of self-identity and pride for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students
  • provide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students with an understanding of how attitudes and perceptions form and how to respond to negative attitudes
  • provide non-Indigenous students with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewpoints.
The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and parents/carers benefit because there are more opportunities for community decisionmaking and engagement in the school.

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The framework articulates core values,
knowledge, skills and attributes that, when incorporated into practice, enable employees to deliver high quality outcomes in their work.​
Last updated
09 September 2014