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Indigenous Education programs for schools and educators

The Solid partners Solid futures action plan 2013–2016 states that one of the key elements to achieve  improved outcomes is to make sure all teachers have high expectations for every learner and apply an understanding of the background, identity, language and culture of all learners into what and how they teach.

These programs empower educators to support Indigenous students to read, write and communicate in Standard Australian English (SAE), to attend and achieve in school, to be engaged and progress at the same rate as non-Indigenous students, and to make successful transitions through the stages of learning, from pre-Prep to tertiary studies.

Check the programs to see which are delivered across the state and which have limited availability.

Indigenous education support programs often apply a multi-faceted approach to improving the performance and outcomes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. These range from support and mentoring in early childhood and adopting a whole school approach to improving attendance, to embedding Indigenous perspectives into the culture of schools and other educational institutions.

Last updated
25 August 2016