Indigenous Student Ambassador Network

The Indigenous Student Ambassador Network (ISAN) provides Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Year 11 and 12 students with leadership opportunities.

It promotes a strong sense of cultural identity and leadership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

Participating schools work with their local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community to nurture a school environment that facilitates a sense of belonging, strengthening identity and culture to enable all students to positively engage in learning.

Benefits of the ISAN program

  • Provides an avenue for a united student and community voice
  • Improves the relationship with the local community
  • Promotes cultural safety in the school, enabling students to feel comfortable identifying as being of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander heritage
  • Promotes Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander reconciliation and recognition in the local community

Aims of an Indigenous Student Ambassador

  • Improve relations between the school and Indigenous community
  • Act as a voice for the expression of student opinion
  • Communicate student opinion to the school administration for the benefit of the school
  • Encourage student involvement in student-based activities
  • Encourage and provide opportunities for student leadership and organisational abilities
  • Become involved in initiatives that may lead to the overall improvement of the school
  • Support student representation of the school, wherever possible
  • Encourage activities and behaviour that lead to a greater public image for the school
  • Work towards a cooperative and harmonious school environment

Further information

Visit the frequently asked questions page or contact ISAN Project Officer Ivana Waddington by email.​


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“This experience has been amazing. I don't have any other word to describe it. Opening myself up to my Indigenous heritage was something I needed to do for myself; no one could have forced me to do it. I had to be ready to do it and it had to come from the heart...Finally. I want to be involved in my culture because when I look at it now, it's who I am. If I don’t have my Indigenous culture, then what do I have? I’d like to help other Indigenous students that may be hiding, to realise this too. I want them to know that their culture is special and that hiding from it doesn’t hurt anyone but themselves. It’s who they are, and they can't run away from it.”

ISAN ambassador Jada.

Last updated
23 March 2018