Solid Pathways

""Solid Pathways is a unique, academic extension program that supports high achieving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. The program aims to make sure students continue their ac​​​ademic success from Year 4 to Year 10. 

Students participate in weekly online lessons that are aligned to the Australian Curriculum and focus on critical and creative thinking and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures. Lessons will connect students with other high achieving students from schools across Metropolitan, South East, North Coast, Darling Downs South West, Far North Queensland and Central Queensland regions.  

The online platform allows classroom teachers, students and parents (via their children) to view and listen to recordings of all Solid Pathways lessons. 

Solid Pathways students also have opportunities to participate in workshops, camps and university-based experiences that enable them to apply the knowledge and skills they learn in their online lessons, to collaborate with their peers, and to develop aspirations. 

Solid Pathways Youtube video

Solid Pathways aims 

To help students achieve by:

  • increasing their ability to analyse and evaluate information
  • enhancing their clarity of thought and expression
  • improving writing and communication skills
  • building understanding of relationships between evidence and hypotheses
  • applying standards of evidence to detect fallacies in reasoning
  • increasing their ability to make reasoned judgments
  • engaging them in autonomous problem solving
  • developing a range of personal and interpersonal qualities, including confidence, autonomy and ethical awareness.

To provide State Schools staff with:

  • professional development in critical and creative thinking
  • critical and creative thinking resources for classroom use (coming soon)
  • support and advice that builds cultural capability.

Eligible students

To be eligible for Solid Pathways students must:

  • identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander
  • achieve in the upper two bands of NAPLAN domains of reading and/or numeracy in Year 3
  • be in Years 4–9 at a participating Queensland state school. 

For more details contact the Solid Pathways team.

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Last updated
20 April 2018