Attendance Turnaround Team

Available Queensland wide""

The Attendance Turnaround team works with schools and their communities using proven methods to improve school attendance levels.

The team of qualified educational professionals will help you to form a key driving agency such as a School and Community Governance Group to make collective decisions about:

  • information gathering
  • affecting change within the community
  • decision making
  • operating within the school culture
  • building sustainable measures to maintain momentum of improved student attendance levels.

Model to improve low student attendance

The Indigenous Schooling Support Unit (ISSU) Turnaround team has developed a 3 phase coaching model to support school communities to improve student attendance in partnership with families and community.

Building students' pride in themselves and their school is pivotal to achieving daily attendance, so there are important prerequisites to implementing the 3 phase coaching model.

 Build deliver develop

Create clear roles and create genuine partnerships

Before the framework can be implemented:

  • School leaders make a  public commitment to ensure that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives are woven into the fabric of the school environment and decision making process.
  • School staff members commit to working alongside knowledgeable community services and family members so that they are ready to teach students who have  previously been disengaged.
  • School Community  and local service providers will come on board and work  co-operatively with the school to actively build pride in the students and the school when they are given regular opportunities that are respectful and relevant.
Last updated
11 September 2014