Families as First Teachers

Available Queensland wide

Young FAFT participantThe Families as First Teachers (FAFT) program builds the capacity of families and community members to engage with their children in positive early learning experiences. 

FAFT supports children and their families to make successful transitions from home to early childhood education.

The program helps parents, caregivers and community members to build understanding about early literacy and numeracy development in children 0—4 years. 

FAFT encourages family members to get involved in fun interactive learning sessions at school and at home.

Families as First Teachers:

  • was developed in Kuranda, North Queensland and is individually tailored to local communities in Queensland and interstate

  • promotes community ownership and increased community capacity—parents and caregivers are more confident and skilled in the learning that their children are doing at school and have an increased understanding of school mechanisms

  • is intergenerational—FAFT values and utilises Indigenous social and learning styles

  • is culturally sensitive—FAFT focuses on enhancing existing strengths and building cultural capital

  • encourages families/parents to develop relationships with school staff-teachers, teacher aides and volunteers so barriers between these groups are eased  and children transition smoothly into the formal school setting

  • helps parents and school staff establish the needs of individual children and where possible meet these needs before the child moves into the formal school setting.

The FAFT program has received numerous state and national awards and has been successfully taken up by state schools in Queensland including Atherton, Prompuraaw, Lockhart River, Mt Garnet, Cloncurry, Boulia, Dajarra and Chillagoe.

The Northern Territory (NT) Department of Education and Training has also developed more than 30 sites in remote NT Indigenous communities since 2009 to help families build their knowledge of child development and early learning, health, hygiene, nutrition and parenting.


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Prep teacher, on the value of Kuranda FAFT program:

"…she has come to school with knowledge about numbers and letters. This is a really great start. She comes in before school and writes independently. When we co-construct stories, she can identify correct letters in words. Her writing, reading and maths levels are well on track for Year 1."

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01 September 2014