Parents and community

Important aspects of early literacy include:""

  • being familiar with books and stories
  • talking and listening
  • getting to know the alphabet.

Children will learn that letters make words like their names, words make sentences and sentences make stories they like to be read.

The children in Families as First Teachers (FAFT) programs are very young. As parents, you are their guides and teachers—play with them and get involved in the FAFT activities to make it a happy time.

The children are introduced to some early literacy activities by playing and interacting with games and resources. Young children do not need to recognise every letter of the alphabet or spell their name. They should enjoy their time with you at FAFT.

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Numeracy activities

There are many maths activities you can do around the home and out in the community. You can count, measure, compare things, match things, sort things and put them in groups.

You can talk about numbers when you are at home, shopping, travelling, at the beach, the river, in the bush or when you are doing just about anything. Talking about maths in some way each day helps your child to be a strong maths learner at school.

At school, teachers talk about maths in the following ways:

  • maths is fun and it's everywhere
  • numbers for counting
  • space in terms of shape, size and position
  • measurement—how tall, how long, how big, how heavy, how much time
  • patterns you can see in the world around you.

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Comments from staff on the holistic nature of FAFT programs:

"A father from Boigu Island who has started to come said that he values education and is too scared to let his children miss school as he did not start school till he was in grade 6 and still struggles with English. He interacts in every activity with his young daughter who shows an eagerness to learn."

"At the beginning of the year, we take the lead in interacting with the children while they engage in activities and learning tasks by modelling specific vocabulary in conversation. We notice that gradually the parents take this on and engage in conversations about tasks with their child, also modelling specific vocabulary."

"Because our program has a close relationship with Midin Clinic, we are able to get health workers to come several times a term to present a quick session on an aspect of child health… informal health checks and talks with new families in our familiar environment. They bring in medical students so that they can see the community support role the clinic has with the FAFT program and the link to schooling."

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01 September 2014