FAFT teacher and studentTeachers can download the literacy and numeracy activity PDFs by becoming a member of the Families as First Teachers (FAFT) program. For more information on the activities, watch the videos below and read the section for parents.


Staff must approach the FAFT program with integrity, sincerity and openness. Time spent will be well rewarded as it will be the relationships that you enable that are the foundation of your program.

Once trust is developed, the program becomes a powerful tool for parents and children. It becomes possible to build on the literacy and numeracy skills of the adults so they can help with the children's pre-literacy and pre-numeracy needs.

The Early Childhood Learning Model

Understanding how young children learn:

  • gives parents / community members a role in preparing children for school
  • provides expertise in the tasks that are associated with early literacy and numeracy
  • helps families get ready for engagement/transition to school.

You need to be aware that barriers may exist for some members of the community and be sensitive to this when forming relationships with families.

Determine priorities

Determine priorities with the community. These could include:

  • developing  pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills in young children
  • successful transition of students into Prep
  • building relationships with the community.

Program initiation

  • Community meetings (including the principal) school staff (possibly a liaison officer and definitely a local Indigenous staff member) meet and determine the needs of the community.
  • Start small and then expand to meet the needs of the community .
  • Start slow—often word of mouth is the best means of communicating within a community.
  • Deliver consistently with no interruptions because of planned school activities.
  • Develop a team to provide support and team motivation.
  • An Indigenous teacher/teacher aide  needs to be part of the team.
  • Resource intensive—you will need access to technology, possibly transport and day to day consumables—support  from the school is essential.
  • Location is best determined by the community—a community centre, an available building in the school grounds, a series of homes or under a tree in a park.

Teacher co-ordinator role

  • Focus planning on the needs of the children and adults in the community.
  • Take into account  the developmental milestones of the children.
  • Assist the community members with pre-literacy and pre-numeracy activities.
  • Keep good records of attendance/participation by adults and children.
  • Maintain the team motivation.
  • Assist with transition of children into Prep.
  • Get creative—be prepared to use recycled/scrounged materials.
  • Develop routines and structures within the program—this helps children to feel more confident. A routine allows them to hear and recognise the talk of formal schooling and  helps them with socialisation.
  • Engage other agencies where and when possible as this may be a vital link for some community members.
  • Act as a liaison between the school and the community.
  • Be prepared to act as a community advocate.

FAFT videos

Image links to video showing teachers engaged in FAFT activities  

Watch teachers in FAFT activities in this video (duration 1:18 minutes)

Read the Transcript (DOCX, 22KB)

Image links to video of teachers speaking about establishing FAFT programs 

Watch teachers speak about establishing FAFT on video (duration 1:39 minutes)

Read the Transcript (DOCX, 22KB)

Image links to video of teachers planning FAFT sessions 

Watch teachers speak about planning the FAFT program on this video (duration 1:53 minutes)

Read the Transcript (DOCX, 22KB)


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Comments about FAFT

"...it shows families what they can do to help their kids before they start school... we like to get together and learn about the kinds of things our kids will do when they get there. Some kids are frightened about school and this program helps them feel good about going. They get to know the teachers and so do we. We love this program so much."
Kuranda FAFT parent

"A FAFT dad has tried his hand at sewing, making playdough, drawing, colouring,
puppet and book making..."
Kuranda FAFT Team

"Parent/teacher interviews are fantastic...a lot more community families come out and they really enjoy the parent/teacher interviews...they really want to come in, find out what’s going on and have a talk to me."
Kuranda Prep teacher

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03 September 2014