Language Perspectives support

The Indigenous Language Perspectives team:

  • develops resources and provides training and mentoring support for PEA-IEAL/Ds and school/regional staff to build capability and understanding of language ecologies and how to support IEAL/D students to develop Standard Australian English skills needed to access the curriculum in line with current state wide curriculum policies, guidelines and practices
  • assists in developing strategies to build regional capacity for working effectively to support Indigenous EAL/D learners by providing professional development and facilitating networking and learning opportunities between various agencies
  • analyses data to inform decision making and measure school improvement efforts
  • collaborates on community language projects which include the development and publishing of community language posters
  • supports the development of programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander traditional languages in schools and documents contact languages used by IEAL/D students and their families and communities
  • supports traditional language teachers by producing development and implementation advice documents.

Principal Education Advisors IEAL/D

Principal Education Advisors IEAL/D work with schools, as agreed with Regional Directors, to support teachers and school leadership teams in each region to:

  • develop awareness and understanding of the diverse and complex language varieties of IEAL/D students
  • accurately identify Indigenous students with first languages other than Standard Australian English
  • measure and monitor Standard Australian English proficiency of IEAL/D students using Bandscales State Schools (Qld) which complement Early Start and P-10 Literacy Continuum data
  • build capability in effective pedagogies to address the language learning needs of IEAL/D students
  • support schools, within their region, that are engaged in the state-wide inquiry for Closing the Gap in Year 3 Reading to ensure all IEAL/D students meet or exceed the national minimum standard for Year 3 NAPLAN Reading by 2019.

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Last updated
22 June 2018