MilbaDjunga Smart Money

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The MilbaDjunga Smart Money units help teach responsible money management to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

Financial literacy is a core life skill affecting the emotional and financial health of everyone—you, your family and the whole community. This skill is particularly important for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in remote areas, where the government may have managed their families' finances for many years and they have not had the opportunity or need to develop skills for themselves.

These resources align with the consumer and financial literacy in mathematics in the Australian Curriculum:


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Why MilbaDjunga? MilbaDjunga is a Yidinji word (spoken in the Yarrabah community) meaning smart money. Although this word has no relevance in other Aboriginal communities, its use is an acknowledgement to the origins of the two online units of work, which are based on work developed by teacher Pauline Kent in Yarrabah—an Aboriginal community near Cairns in North Queensland.

Last updated
03 September 2014