Teacher co-ordinators

The teacher coordinator's role involves teaching, course organisation/administration and student support.

The purpose of the role is to induct students into the academic and professional culture of TAFE Queensland North (TQN) or James Cook University (JCU) through pro-active support that gradually decreases as students become autonomous learners.

A teacher co-ordinator:

  • maintains student records and reports on student performance to the RATEP program coordinator and other stakeholders
  • establishes and maintains appropriate interpersonal relationships between the school and community
  • participates in school decision-making processes and professional development activities.

TQN and JCU teaching components require the teacher coordinator to:

  • be familiar with subject content and assessment requirements and be able to interpret them clearly to students
  • attend teleconferences,  conduct group and individual study skill sessions and tutorials, and help students with Standard Australian English (SAE) literacy
  • support students on school experience outside their RATEP site, including observing students teach, assisting with evaluation and liaising with the supervisors, principals and visiting lecturers
  • be responsible for setting up an advisory committee to help ensure the smooth running of the program.

Student support

For both TQN and JCU, the teacher coordinator:

  • helps JCU, TQN and state schools to develop systems and processes to respond in more culturally appropriate ways to meet students' needs
  • helps students to negotiate with stakeholders
  • liaises with Aboriginal Tutorial Assistance Scheme (ATAS) tutors or others supporting RATEP students in their education
  • disseminates information about RATEP to the local community and calls regular advisory committee meetings.


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10 January 2017