Teach Remote

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Teaching in a remote community offers you a wealth of opportunities. Many teachers who have worked in remote communities say it is the highlight of their teaching career.

Working in an Identified Indigenous community is all about relationships. Are you open to learning, sharing and enjoying?

Students in Queensland's Identified Indigenous schools need our most dedicated, experienced and committed leaders and teachers.

Do you have high expectations for your students?

Are you interested in teaching in an Identified Indigenous Community?

Do you want to live and work in some of the most wonderful parts of Queensland?

Partners for success

The Partners for Success Strategy focuses on identifying high performing teachers who have expertise, skills, interests and experiences particularly in relation to working across different cultures.

Applicants need to demonstrate that they work well as part of a team and in partnership with a range of sectors and groups. An ability to adhere to school and community protocols is also a pre-requisite.

Under the Partners for Success Strategy teachers interested in teaching in Identified Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Schools throughout the state are asked to apply to Identified Indigenous Schools through a selection process.

Successful applications will undertake a full induction process.

Practicums and internships

Have you considered applying through your university to complete a remote practical teaching placement in an Identified Indigenous School in your 2nd, 3rd or final year?

Have you considered applying for an internship in your final year?

Contact your prac. placement office and/or send an email to find out more about a placement in an Identified Indigenous School.

Find out more about teaching remote

Are you interested in attending a session about teaching in an Identified Indigenous School? You may be able to catch the Teach Remote team at a careers fair or your university delivering a presentations about working and living in Identified Indigenous communities.  These events will be posted on the events calendar on this site. If you would like us to visit your university, please contact the Teach Remote team.


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